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Hey Rachel,
I have had acne forever, it's not serious but I still don't like it so I asked the doctor for something to clear it up and he gave me benzaclin, the pump type, it worked wonders for my skin but every now and then I run out and I can't go back for a prescription too often since the doctor's clinic is pretty far. So I went online and saw quite a few face mask recipes. I tried one where you mix a tiny bit of lemon juice with some honey and baking soda. It works really well for me and I've noticed the differences, my acne is clearer as well as my skin but I wanted to know if it was safe to be putting this mask on me face, I mean it's 'baking' soda and lemons are acidic, so is it okay for me to use this?

Hi Sophie,

I've heard people have had good results using these ingredients for acne. The only thing I would be concerned about is the lemon. You may want to dilute it before you apply it to your face cause it can sting and irritate sensitive skin. I would put it on a moist clean cloth and apply it to your face that way. If you are into natural ways to cure your acne I highly recommend the site below.


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