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Acne on my face
Acne on my face  
I have been getting a lot of small bumps and acne bumps on my face. I don`t know how they appear on my face, but its getting annoying. The doctor gave me some medicine for it and i ran out of it. I then bought that product called Acne Free and i`m using that right now. I try and i try but i dont know if it will help. What would be the best solution to get rid of these dark spots?

Hello Daroderick. Thank you for contacting me and also thank you for your patience, as I'm in the middle of several projects, keeping me busy at the moment. Daroderick, when it comes to acne, it is extremely important to avoid irritation, pore-clogging products and stress. Some OTC (over the counter) and Rx (prescription creams, gels, etc.)can be very drying and harsh on acneic skin.

This type of harshness can cause much irritation, which commonly aggravates acne. Many products dry out the acne, which may reduce the size of the bumps, but then, the acne leaves dark marks behind. Then, even though the acne in some cases, may subside some temporarily, the acne then returns again after a little while, because the problem is not being dealt with holisitically (not treating just symptoms, but causes of acne as a whole).

I believe the product Acne Free contains Benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient is one of the many I don't recommend for skin of color, because it can cause skin discoloration and irritation of the skin, not to mention free radical damage to the skin. Daroderick, please read these two articles I've written on my website about acne and hyperpigmentation (dark marks, dark spots). This will lead you in the right direction to understanding more about these common skin care issues and natural treatment options for them.

Also, I'm in the process of developing my blog to help many people with these two issues. If you like, you can reach me on Facebook from my site to stay up to date on my blog posts for tips and natural solutions to help you with your skin concerns. Also, Here's an article I wrote for a simple, inexpensive, natural skin care recipe to help with acne and dark spots. If you decide to use the recipe, be sure to stay consistent with it, because it works without being harsh, or breaking the bank! God bless!


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