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Hi, I have this pimple near  my chin and its white with a hard yellowish tip and it hurts whenever I move my mouth. Is there any sort of home treatment to reduce the pain? It's also fairly big so I'd like to reduce the inflammation. Thanks for any help!

Hello Neil. Thanks for contacting me. Getting to the point, first, you'll need to put a very warm compress on this bump. Appears this pimple is filled with bacteria. Simply run very warm (not hot) water on a wash cloth, wring it out, apply and hold against the bump for about 3-5 minutes. If the washcloth cools before the 3-5 minutes are up, repeat this step. The warmth of the washcloth will soften the bump(s) so that the contents of it will more easily be secreted. You will then use (crushed) aspirin, which contains an ingredient acetylsalicylic acid , (which is very similar to, though not the same as salicylic acid, which is used in anti-acne treatments for inflammation and pimple reduction). Next, take an aspirin and crush it into a powder.

Then add a few drops water to it which will make a somewhat gritty paste. Use a clean Q-Tip or your clean finger tip and apply the paste directly to the bump and let it dry(usually within 20 minutes or less). Following this, gently remove paste with a soft, wet, warm wash cloth. One other thing you can do Neil, is to apply a couple drops of Tea Tree oil to the bump after using the compress if you don't wanna use the aspirin - you have two choices here. Tea Tree oil is a natural anti bacterial and analgesic (pain relieving) essential oil (natural medicine) that I use which is very effective for this skin problem. I got rid of pimples and a pus-filled boil with it. You can find TTO at your local health food, drug store or online and the price range is between $3.00 to $10.00 depending on size and vendor you buy from. is a good choice for TTO. Hope this helps and God bless!


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