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Hi, Tara

I have been suffering from acne since the age of 14. I've bought so many skincare products from low brand to high brand, and well I'm really fed up as I'm nearly 21 with acne. I now have quite a bit of scarring which is obvious in the light. I've recently bought an expensive make-up estee lauder double wear and its not at all good. I read reviews about this product and its cost me 45 money I can't really afford to splash out on. I just want my face back to normal its such a teenage thing. I have bad self esteem from the acne I have too. I also have it on the rest of my body my back is the worst. I'm nervous about my boyfriend seeing it also, I do have skin ragime and it doesn't work. I'm taking yasim to see if help my acne but it had no effect the last time I took it. My GP said Roaccutane is last resort and she said its awful stuff.

Now my only option is to get facial scar removal which costs 1,000+ I can't afford it. Is there any other way of getting rid of my acne? and I'm starting to think its hormonal acne. Doctors aren't good in Ireland.

Any suggestionss please

Hello Ash. Thanks for contacting me. I want you to know I haven't forgotten about you and I WILL answer your question. While I answer MOST questions within 24 hrs or less, I've been inundated lately. To give you a heads up, I will be contacting you with your answer to acne as soon as I can (perhaps later on, today). Thanks for your understanding.


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