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Hi Nicole,

I appreciate your previous suggestions on makeup. I wanted to ask a few follow up questions. I wanted to clarify my skin tone to get some further advice. I am fair skin to help more advanced suggestions. Would you recommend going heavy on the lips to look like a young rich woman? Also any thoughts on brand you could recommend? The last question I know you aren't listed as advice for clothing but would you recommend a skirt suit with heels or something more in line of a long evening dress with gloves/heels? Would appreciate any thoughts on that you could provide. Thanks again.


Hey Bill-

If you have fair skin I would suggest using a foundation for all over coverage. I would use a bright
lip, maybe a matte red. This would look like a young rich woman to me. I would do powder, lashes.
mascara, light blush and a bright lip. Young rich women to me don't wear a ton of make-up, so you
want to wear a lot to make it look like you don't have any one- make sense? Lashes make everything
look great!

I use to do wardrobe on sets so ask away! Depending on where you are going I would wear a skirt,
blouse and pumps for daytime. For evening I would wear a dress and heels.

For daytime ( depending on where you are) gloves and a hat would be nice. Also, a nice purse and
jewelry say young rich lady.

This is just extra but if you are shaving your legs, you could do a spray tan that way you only have
to wear under garments and not hosiery. just a thought.


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