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Hi!! So I am in grade 6 and I'm having my primary school graduation in about a week's time. I have multiple pimple/acne scars on my forehead and they're not really scars but popped pimples that are still healing from the redness. How can I quicken the the healing process and also how can I cover up the pimple? I'm not allowed any makeup so I can't use any concealer or foundation. What are some alternatives to use? Thanks!! =D

PS---Kayla, here are a couple of excellent drugstore brand products that may work for you more quickly....

Kiss My Face Breakout - Botanical Acne Gel
Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion

Dear Kayla~

Hopefully one of the 38 ideas!!! within the link below be helpful to you.

Happy Healing, Kayla!

Linda Gearke
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