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Hello.. Hope you are fine.
I am Kristina, 23 years old..
My problem is that my skin is of kind which is easily irritated from soaps, lotion, creams..My skin is acne prone too..  I use a very mild and fragrance free cleanser.. The question is, How can I get rid of fine lines from my face? I want to look younger forever. So i need to know that what should I apply on face that won't irritate my skin and helps me to look and stay younger.
I shall be very very thankful to you.

Dear Kristina,

Fine lines appearing on the face of a 23 year old are most likely not attributing to aging already....I would think that this would be attributed to dry skin as a result of using acne treatment products and not using a good daily moisturizer.  

There are many oil-free moisturizers (you can just Google 'oil-free moisturizer with SPF) with SPF included.  A must for anti-aging and healthy skin.  No matter how oily your skin is, you still need to condition it with a good moisturizer (oil-free if your skin is oily, of course).  And while acne treatment products can do a good job of drying out pimples and absorbing excess oil, they can also tip the scales too far the other way.  Not that you shouldn't use them as directed, but you also need a good daily moisturizer.    

The ingredient that works best for eliminating the appearance of fine lines is Retinol (Vitamin A).  I share this with you because you asked the question, not because I think you need to reverse fine lines already.  I really can't imagine that you have age line yet.  

However, here are a some of the best anti-aging products I know of and can personally attest to:


They have a line of retinol products that are excellent.  These products can be purchased online or from any big box store (ie., Walmart) or drugstore.


They have a number of retinol and tretinol (Another form of Vitamin A that is equally effective in treating fine lines) products in their offering.  These products can only be purchased through their website, but they ship internationally.

Best wishes, Kristina.  And good for you for taking such good care of your skin at a young age.

Linda Gearke
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