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hi,pls advise some skincare techniques for oily skin and greasy scalp,thanks

Hello Kelly. My apologies for the delay. I didn't realize this question was asked 3 days ago. Please forgive me. When it comes to oily skin and greasy scalp, try using Rhassoul clay as facial cleanser and mask. Rhassoul clay can be found either online, or at your local beauty supply. If you cannot find rhassoul clay, then most cosmetic clays can work as well. Here's how to do it as oily scalp cleanser:

1. Mix 1 part clay and one part water together and mix well. Be sure the clay mixture is slightly thin so it will not dry to quickly. Then, massage onto scalp, as you would, a shampoo for about five minutes. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with your usual hair care routine. You can do this simple oily scalp regimen two to three times weekly, if necessary.

2. As an oily skin cleanser, you can do the same mix as above, but this time, you can use aloe juice in place of water, as the skin can use the soothing benefits of aloe juice. If you can't get aloe juice from your local market, or beauty supply, water will do fine. After mixing, apply the clay mixture all over oily skin, allow to dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with your regular skin care routine. You can also cleanse oily skin with this clay 2 to 3 times weekly or more, until desired results are achieved.

Kelly, for more info on oily skin, you can visit the following article to get more tips. Hope this helps. God bless!


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