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QUESTION: Hi there,
I used to have acne but I used Accutane about 4 years ago and now I just apply Tactuo at night to avoid any further acne. I have combination skin. It can be dry but also oily mostly on my t-zone. My main issue is I have a lot of flakes on my nose which look really bad. When I wash my face I notice them most but even throughout the day they are very visible and my skin on and around my nose feels rough to the touch. I was wondering what daily face wash I can use as well as toner and moisturizer. Currently I am using the Cetaphil bar soap to wash my face and moisturizing with Jamieson ProVitamina e nourishing cream. I don't really see much results with this and I have been using it for over two months now. What daily skin care routine do you recommend? Thanks in advance

ANSWER: Hi Nada and thanks for your inquiry. I'll admit, Accutane is some pretty strong stuff indeed. For the dry skin on your nose, exfoliation is very important. Exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells from your skin. Sounds like you have dead skin cells that need to shed. Without exfoliation, you can develop acne, dry skin and even skin discoloration. This is because dead skin cells build up and clog pores, which contribute to acne. Dead skin cell build up can also cause raised, dry patches of skin, leaving different areas of your skin uneven. So this is why it is extremely important to first get rid of dead skin cells at least twice to three times weekly. Exfoliation will help with both the acne, dry nose and will also improve skin texture.

Nada, I'm not sure if you want to make a natural acne home treatment to remedy the problem of dryness and flakes on the nose. Maybe you don't, I'm not sure. But believe me, this natural acne home treatment, will help rid your skin of dry flakes of dead skin. I find that when some people use products bought from a store or elsewhere, they don't usually work, or worse yet, cause more problems for their skin and are costly over time.

Here's a very, very simple, easy-to-make natural acne home treatment you can make and use from home, and it works. I have published this recipe on my site and it gives you all the details - VERY EASY. Also, I've included a link that explains all about exfoliation, how and why it benefits the skin (not only brown skin, but ANY skin). If you decide to try it, let me know how it goes for you, I'd love to hear about it(good or bad). Hope this helps and God bless.




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QUESTION: Thanks a lot! I have decided to use your first option with baking soda, aloe vera gel and tea tree oil. My only confusion is how much do I mix of each for a one time use because the amount you gave seems a lot. Also if I have extra how can I store it so it does not expire quickly? Thanks again!

Hi Nada and you're welcome! On the acne home treatment recipe page I gave you, you'll see there's a tip as to how to store your finished product. It is also noted that the Tea Tree oil and refrigeration helps to extend the longevity of your finished product as well.

Here's the acne home treatment page again.

Scroll down until you see the tip on how to store this product. For your convenience, the tip is below.


If you decide you want to make enough of this natural acne home treatment for repeated use, be sure to store in a bottle with a dispensing cap. Also store in the fridge after each use to increase shelf life. Remember, the Tea Tree oil in this acne home treatment , will also help extend the shelf life of these formulas. Although these recipes are very easy and inexpensive products to make, I do suggest you make enough, so you don't have to keep making this acne home treatment, every time you plan to use it. Hope this helps. God bless.


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