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I have moderate acne and I really wish to improve it. It is worse in my T-zone and on my chin, but it also occurs in other parts of my face. I have recently began a better skin care ritual and it has improved a bit, but are their any products of routines you recommend? Currently I use a few different products- Neutrogena and Clean and Clear, and I also use acne pads. I used to wear foundation daily but recently I stopped, but as I go back to school I may start again.
Any makeup tips or products that you think would be best? Also, I have pale skin, but it is reddish on the cheeks with huge pores on the tip of my nose. How do I shrink those pores and get rid of the redness (I like having pale skin, I think it looks nice, I just wish for a far more even skin tone).
Any tips?


First make sure you are doing 2 cleanses both in the morning and night. The first cleanse gets rid of surface dirt and the second cleanse is for deep cleaning. Next I recommend using a professional skin care line and sticking to it. Dermalogica is a good one to try. Get a cleanser or moisturizer with salicylic acid as an ingredient. Salicylic acid aids in getting rid of acne and redness in the skin. Also products with vitamin C are good as vitamin C has anti-inflamatory properties.  Moisturize day and night. If you are oily (which from your skin description sounds like you are) use a water based moisturizer. To help minimize the appearance of large pores use a primer after moisturizing and before foundation. Apply the primer with a foundation brush so any oils on your fingers do not transfer to your face. "EXUVIANCE Coverblend Concealing Treatment Makeup" is a foundation that has great coverage and is made with ingredients that are good for your skin. Using a concealer with a yellow tone will help cancel out any red from acne.


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