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Hi there!
Now that it is summer, I'm trying to find either a foundation or BB cream that gives good coverage but is also sweat proof with SPF.  I have fairly sensitive skin and suffer from occasional break outs but I'm more worried just about covering up my scarring from acne I've had in the past.  It's slowly fading and relatively light, but I want to find something that will do the job during summer time to keep it hidden.  I'm heading out on a trip soon and the weather is supposed to be in the 100's and I don't want my makeup sliding off my face!!!!

I currently use the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free makeup.  It works really well for me and gives good coverage when I used my concealer and a fine powder, but I find that during the heat of summer, it doesn't last all day like I want it too and looks a little smudgy and cakey after a few hours.  Do you have any good suggestions?  I've read into smashbox photo ready BB cream and heard positives and negatives to that and would hate to buy it if it is too thin since its a tad pricey.  Maybe the makeup I'm currently using would work if I had a good primer or setting spray? I have heard good things about Urban Decay deslick spray but again, it's a little pricey.  I'm a little tight on money since I am a college student so I prefer drug store makeups, but if you suggest something that is a little more pricey but really works, I'll try it.

Thanks in advance for any tips!! :)


I think you would need a really good primer to help keep your makeup set throughout the day. Smashbox does have some great primers to choose from. If you like the foundation you currently use just try using it with a primer. You might also want to consider setting it with a translucent powder. You can get translucent powders that are drugstore brand and they work fine. I do like Urban Decays "all nighter makeup setting spray long-lasting". I use this product and it works great for me in keeping makeup set throughout out the day. I also use a primer and translucent powder.

Hope this helps!


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