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I cannot find ANY eyeliner that will not smear all over the place when used on waterline. I've tried so many! Elf, Sonia kushak, rimmel, smashbox, physicians formula, ect. etc... What REALLY works? Also,I try setting with shadow, but nothing works! I don't have cash to keep shelling out on useless eyeliners that I toss in the garbage.

Hey Kristin-

I totally understand. Sometimes it's better to invest in a really great product than lots of inexpensive ones. You want to look for waterproof liners. I would try Frankie Rose, Urban Decay or NYX. When you follow up with shadow make sure it is a matte color.  Sometimes if the under shadow is too shimmery that prevents it from staying in place too. Put translucent powder then shadow.

I hope this helps.


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