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Hi Linda,

I was hoping you would be able to please help me as you have expertise in this area?

I'm 35 now and had acne up to the age of 25.  I used a product line called Dermalogica for about 10 years and it was great but suddenly my skin didn't like their products and worse yet I  started to get a bit of acne back (chin area).  I think this is a hormonal problem now.

Anyway I started using Liz Earle products instead and my skin seemed to be getting better but when I stopped using them for just 1 day my skin actually got even better again!!

I'm wondering if you have any idea what would be the best product line to try next... for somebody who has combination skin as I can't see me going back to Dermalogica or continuing with Liz Earle products?

Thank you.


Dear Lisa,

It's very hard to say which skin care line is best as there are several good skin care lines.  Both of the lines you've been using are very good.  As you indicated, I do believe your current breakouts are hormonal.

Here is an excellent line, especially for the treatment of and fending off of breakouts:  While they offer an entire regimen for acne/breakout prone skin, even if all you ordered was the Acne Control Spot Treatment you will be amazed!

You can check them out on Instagram and Facebook as well! The do ship internationally!

Best wishes, Lisa!

Linda Gearke
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