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       I am a single male of 64 thin built and enjoy wearing make up  I love it  I am fair skin    I turn red easy.
First am I TOO OLD to wear make up?   I look younger and wear glasses.   Make up girls always make me look good in the stores.
But when I PUT ON Bare minerals foundation  it always shows to much?  I put on eye shadow , masacra  lip sticks and blush too.
The eye shadow always flakes up? in the jar too.    At home I try to look like a women   With my Pretty dresses and wig and pantyhose on.  I am straight but love womens things.    In PUBLIC I only wear a little make up   with ladys shorts   pantyhose or tee shirts  wig  Is this ok for me to do?


Hey Johnny-

I think if this makes you happy then you should go for it! You are never too old to do anything. When I lived in LA 64 is like being 32. You are all good!

There are a lot of things that go into making make-up look great. The first thing is great brushes. I feel like bare minerals look too cakey on people so I am not a fan. It's nice at first but if you have to reapply your powder for shine it gets thick.

Since you have fair skin, I would try MAC Studio Fix. It is a double wear powder. This will help with coverage and also keep the redness at bay. If you go in there just don't let them talk you into everything you see! lol

Also, I know you mentioned you were wearing panty hose. If you are shaving your legs you might try a spray tan or body make-up that way you won't be hot and also it is more youthful.

Happy to help in any way I can.


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