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Hi Nicole!!  ^_^

So basically I'm wondering whether I should do a makeup update. It's been a little while since I've done that. I've been looking around the internet but I'm sort of getting conflicting info there...

Take a look at my pics, see if you can offer suggestions about more modern makeup brands, methods, colors, tips, etc....and maybe some info about hair too, if you can. I'm about to turn 36 but that doesn't mean I have to look too *mature*!!

Please be totally honest, I can handle the truth!

My husband doesn't want me to change because he says I'm perfect just how I am...that's flattering but I like looking my very best ya know?  ;D



Hi Denise-

First of all, Happy early Birthday! Thanks for sending pics, it is always helpful in the suggestions. You have great skin! That is half the battle in any cosmetic routine.

Here's the deal, you are a pretty girl but sometimes we get stuck in our rut of the same ol makeup look. If you want to jazz up what you are doing, here are some easy quick ideas to add.

- you use great technique in your application but maybe try a different way on your eyes. You could use a lighter color on the bottom. I would bring the tone you are using in the shadow down with an angle brush using the same color. That softens the look a little.

- try using lip liner and a mores soft creamier lipstick/gloss. I try at all cost to avoid any lipsticks with iridescent flecks in it on my clients. It is somewhat dated and too mature looking.

-Also, blush is always a great change up. Try a new tone or just add more. Personally I always pass by a mirror and I'm like Nicole it's ok to blush! Lol I always end up adding even to myself. (Great place to check is car/natural sunlight)

-your eyebrows are nice and tidy but I would be careful to not pluck too much on the inside. Sometimes this is an easy change in appearance without doing too much. You can also use a light fill in with brow powder/angle brush. Just remember to keep it light.

- Hair wise- We all have our way we like to wear out hair. Sometimes when I need to change up I add a long swoopy bang for a small change. Those are fast to grow out if you aren't feeling it.

These are all just suggestions for subtle changes. You are very pretty and sounds like you have a great supportive husband!
Main thing is have fun and don't be shy to try new products and colors. It's just make-up, have fun!


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