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Hi Nicole,

I hope you are well.  I am a 45 yr old woman and am feeling my skin is looking dull and tired these days and need some advice on where to start with regard to using something to brighten up my face.  Is there a foundation or something out there for mature skin?  I have a pretty oily/uneven skin tone so need to consider that too.  I have looked online and to be honest it is all a bit confusing and I am totally clueless as I don't really wear make up and when I do, it is very minimal :-/

Thanking you in advance for your time and help,
Emma :-)

Hi Emma-

Thanks so much for your question. I am sorry you are having trouble with this. There are lots of things you can do.

I would start with skin care first. Try exfoliating twice a week. This will help with the oil, uneven skin and brightening. Just remember to not over do it!

I would also find a brightening cream to put on at night.

Before you apply your make-up try putting on a primer. Since you have oily skin I would try a silicone based primer. This will help the make-up rest on top of your face. It will prevent it from soaking in and becoming uneven.

If you have a great skin I would purchase a cream foundation. Use only in the areas needed for coverage. Make sure you use a powder (transulent) to "set" the make-up.  This will help with keeping it on and the shine.

I hope this helps.


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