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true wrote at 2010-12-23 22:00:43
Wow, this answer was so incredible unhelpful i had to comment on it. No doubt it came from an amateur who thinks he/she knows it all. Dumb ass. haha.  

CharlieCom wrote at 2011-07-19 15:47:47
That answer was about useless. They wanted to know about the Panasonic camera itself, not get a lecture on how to build a professional TV studio. I too wanted to know about the camera, but found no help in that answer.


Alessandro Machi wrote at 2014-04-19 21:00:57
This was probably one of my worst answers on here, however the question was somewhat vague as well. When a studio is set-up correctly, the camera simply slots in to the existing set-up. Ideally, a person would rent the camera, try it in their studio for a day for the ideal, low cost evaluation.

I pointed out that the recording media was very expensive at the time of the original reply and that could be a deal breaker and I also pointed out that I had answered a similar question already, I probably should have put a link to the prior answer in my original comment.

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