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Hello Troy - I am hoping to construct a home studio to shoot some web video commercials - my fear is that when using my final cut x software, it appears my camera needs to be locked down in order to get convincing green screen shots, BUT I WANT MY CAMERA TO MOVE: use my dolly and my jib, pan and tilt, etc - one specific scene: doing a miniature shot, I dolly past a sign that says i am entering a western town, have built a miniature town in distance, and want the rest to be green screen - do i need to mimic the same dolly shot when getting my western desert background footage, so the two match up better? How do film makers get their moving shots while in galaxies far far away?  I hope there is a way to get some interesting moving CU's on my subjects while ensuring my backgrounds are somewhat plausible, otherwise my dream of shooting everything in studio with controlled lighting, etc, will be somewhat thwarted - i hope you can help me understand the concept of moving shots when filming in front of a green screen. Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated!

Yes, you have to have footage that will match your movements.  This is very tricky business.  You may want to shoot your plates wide (those are backgrounds used for green screen) so that you can zoom in and adjust movements as needed.  The primary think that you need to learn is called KEYFRAMING.  I found a tutorial for it on Youtube at .  With keyframing, you can adjust the plate to move with the camera.  Handheld will be extremely difficult, but smooth moving shots should be doable... it's what I use.  You may also want to get Adobe After Effects.  The motion control feature in it may help you to stabilize it better (but no promises).  I hope this helps you out.

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I have been a professional filmmaker since 1995 and a film teacher since 2000. I am publishing a textbook for beginning filmmakers called "the New Filmmaker's Adventure". I have experience in the area of low-budget feature filmmaking, I am the co-owner of the production company called Imminent Entertainment, I have worked on hundreds of videos, TV shows, multi-camera events and low budget, professional productions, corporate and consumer videos, Final Cut Pro, scriptwriting, directing, videography and cinematography, sound, lighting, editing, and some producing.

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