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Dear Alessandro

Is it Possible to Video shoot the complete Live Performances of Artists in Plays without the audience coming to know that the video shoot is going on in background ?.

As a example, Play of 2 1/2 hours duration.

Awaiting your reply,

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Prashant S Akerkar

Yes it is possible to shoot a video without the audience knowing it is being shot. It is possibly an interesting idea as it would make the entire production "honest" since no one would know there were cameras actually filming the event...However, it may not be legal.

I am not a lawyer but over the years I have heard on several occasions that if one does not get actual signed releases from an audience at a public or private event that is being filmed or videotaped, that signs need to be posted advising the audience that they are being videotaped and by agreeing to stay and watch they are giving their "release" and or permission to be photographed for no additional compensation.

Is there a fuzzy area?  Perhaps if the audience is completely unrecognizable in the video (along with the sounds that come from the audience) than maybe that is one way to get around the release issue, maybe.

Another way to consider (and get a lawyer to review this idea as well) would be to print on the backside of the tickets that are sold information about the possible videotaping of the live event the ticket buyer is attending and that the purchase or use of a ticket to this event constitutes an agreement to be videotaped with no compensation and that the owners of the video are being granted a release by those attending the event, whether they purchased a ticket or not.

Can a video actually be shot without the audience knowing it is being shot? Besides the legal issus, yes. The cameras would need to be hidden from view, and there would need to be a nearby building for the actual sound mixing and live cutting of the event.  

Possibly locked off minature cameras might be used that establish wide shots from various angles close to the stage. Cameras with actual zoom lenses would be kept in some closed off room (such as a projection room) with a window access they could shoot out of or next to where a spotlight might be in use. The production people would dress all in black and PLENTY of black material would be needed to "dress" the areas around the cameras so that the outline of the cameras are not viewable to anyone who may happen to look through a window.

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