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In making movies, I have heard some movies cost for than $50 million to make.
I was wondering what are the main costs involved in making a movie and is it possible to make high quality movies for under $20,000. If so how and what technologies could be used.

There is an inverse knowledge/monetary formula when it comes to making a movie. The more one knows, the easier it is to save money while still making a good movie. I would suggest immersing yourself into a movie project in which you are there to help.

Always make sure the project is following good safety rules. Never assume that just because you are working on a movie that somehow that protects you from a dangerous situation. Sometimes low budget productions cannot afford to have at least two people devoted to the safety of the actors and crew at all times, but they should.

Help, learn, ask questions during down times if appropriate, but always remember you are there to first and foremost help the production, and the knowledge and experience you gain will help you edge towards making a low budget film sometime in the future.  

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