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Good day
In making movies, I have heard some movies cost for than $50 million to make.
I was wondering what are the main costs involved in making a movie and is it possible to make high quality movies for under $20,000. If so how and what technologies could be used.

Actually, Mahabir, Pirates of Caribbean in 2007 cost $300 million.

The lead character (Johnny Depp) got $53 million for the 2011 version of Pirates.  Leading men who are great actors command a huge salary because they will bring people to the box office and return more than they are paid.  It's the same with great directors to a lesser extent.

These days, CGI (Computer Graphic Imaging) is a huge cost, sometimes wasted.  Ten years ago I was involved in a film with a middle-ages theme.  There were some production trucks in the background of a dozen shots.  The director was advised and said, "We'll fix that digitally in post-production".  That decision cost the film $350,000.

Films like Avitar cost a fortune in CGI.

Of course you can make a high quality movie for a few thousand dollars.  I used to visit UCLA film school for student film nights.  They always had several 20-30 minute short films that were made for under $1000 and were absolutely great.  You don't have to spend money to be clever.

Pro-sumer digital video cameras are now rather inexpensive.  Renting them is even cheaper.  Since almost all post production is digital, it can be a do-it-yourself effort.  Combine that with volunteer labor and a clever premise, and you have yourself a good, cheap film.  Film festivals are filled with such films.

Chris Bushman
Colfax, California

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