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I would like to ask how does one go about starting a youtube Gaming Channel.
To be more specific I had an Idea to make a channel where I review and breakdown games and thier trailers, and generally just share gaming news. I made a channel similar to this and recieved way to many copyright infringements and matched third party content to continue. So I reasearched a little bit and figured out that you need to have permission to post games even if its just trailer and pictures. Many of the videos I watched said that you need to have a semistrong following of subscribers to be a machinima partner where they get permission for you.But I dont think machinima would partner somebody who just does news and trailers since they already do that. So thats out of the question. But even when you're by yourself individually asking companies for permission to use there trailers they deny you unless you have a certain amount of subcribers. At this point I feel like I have to make videos of myself dancing in my underwear to get subscribers So my questions are.
1. How does one go about getting permission straight out of the gate without any subscribers.

2.How will youtube even know that you recieved permission for the content that your uploading

3. Can you make money once you have permission

4. Once you have permission from a company to use their content do you have to ask for it every time you want to use something they have copyright over.

5. Will Machinima partner somebody who does news and trailers if not will anybody else.

6. How am I supposed to get trailers and screenshots legally even if I have permission from the owner of said content

Right now any help would be well recieved.

Hi Jason.  Although I cannot answer your well thought out questions, I can at least let you know that I plan on starting my own youtube channel in the near future. One way to start is to try and do original content and build an audience that way. If at some point you begin casually mentioning in brief, (no, not briefs) things you like, and that results in hits going to that particular company or service, odds are that eventually they may find you and want to work with you.

What I find troubling about your experience is I thought people could do reviews or how to's of almost anything as long as they stated they are not affiliated with the product or service being evaluated. Perhaps it comes down to how new the product is. If you were to review product that was from companies no longer in business, and you made an impact, it might annoy new product manufacturers into then wanting you to talk about their new stuff.  

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