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Dear Alessandro‎‎

The Oscar Awards are given to different categories viz Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor/Actress, Best Story etc

Among the final films selected for Oscar nominations, it would be difficult for the panel of judges to nominate and select the film

For example : Oscar Awards nominated to Film "Gandhi" in different categories viz Best Director, Best Film, Best Supporting role etc.

Can you tell us if you are one of the panel members and would like
to nominate a Oscar Award to a Film, how will you select among 3-5 films finalists ?. i.e. Criteria.

Awaiting your reply,

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Prashant S Akerkar

To clarify, you are not asking if am a panel member who gets to nominate Oscar Award Winning films, you are curious what criteria I would use if I were deciding what films to nominate for an Oscar.

I would favor films for Oscar consideration that have very little to no gun use and films that do not use UNREALISTIC special effects. That might eliminate half of the movies right there. Not because I don't think that guns don't have a place in movies, but because the overuse of guns tends to make them seem less dramatic overall. Yet anyone who has ever had a gun pointed at them will probably tell you it was one of the most traumatic moments in their life.

I think I would favor films that are not so much about preventing one's own death but rather focus on an unfair situation and how difficult it becomes to try and make the situation, fair.

Well researched historical films that both educate us about the things from the past that we did not know about while drawing us into a situation that we would like to see improved would be given consideration.

Perhaps a film with a character who does the right thing even if it delays their own success by a decade or two.

I don't think we see enough films about inventors and pioneers.

Would love to see more films that compare and contrast the "successful" to the more "ordinary". Is one truly better than the other? Do we accept too many fallible traits amongst our friends that ultimately hold us back, or is that what keeps life interesting and less pre-ordained?

For reference, I like films like "The Stuntman" (Peter O'Toole), Breaking Away (both made around 1979),  Jean De Florette and the follow up film "Manon des Sources" made in the mid to late 80's, and more recently, "Something the Lord Made" are the types of films I would nominate for Oscars.

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