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i belong to Pakistan.i am not expert in english language.i am an amature tv journalist.i make short movies with handycam about three minutes long for tv broadcasting without voice by using Arcsoft Showbiz i want include my voice ( comentary ) in movie (voice over ),but i do not know how can i do it. please guide me in easy way how can i add my voice in short movie for tv news

Hello Raja, I did some quick research on your software editing program and I am not convinced it is the best match for your needs. Unfortunately the editing software reviews and descriptions appear to be proud of how it can take authentic video and make it look "fake", or "improved".

I did find this link about audio...

Here is my suggestion on how you might proceed with the software you have available.

When you have what is called "picture lock" (the finished edited video is locked down in terms of editing and time and won't change), play back the picture lock edited video on your computer while wearing headphones. Simultaneously film off of the screen with your camera while recording your voice over directly onto the camera, hopefully you have a microphone input on the camera for better audio recording and don't be too close to the computer as various room tone sounds near and around the computer can be accidentally recorded as well.

The headphones help you evaluate whether or not your voice is overpower or interrupting other sounds on the edit master that are important to you. Assuming you can watch your picture lock video while creating a voice-over on the second version that is being shot off the computer with your camera, you would then import the second version into the computer. Then you would use the inferior video quality image version to help you line-up your voice over version with the edit master picture lock version.

You will now create a third version of your picture lock master, this one has audio mixed from your picture lock edit master and your voice over version that was shot off of the screen while you recorded the voice over directly to the camera.

From the audio mixed version you would then create a second picture lock edit master with no sound on it and you would layback the mixed audio tracks onto that version. All in all you would have created FOUR versions of your edit master.

The four versions are your original picture lock edit master, the voice over only version with inferior picture shot off of the computer screen. An audio mix version that is labeled as such in your file name that features a blending of audio from your picture lock edit master version and your voice over version.

The fourth and final version would be a new picture lock copy of the original edit master (but without the sound) and the sound taken from the mixed audio version. That final version becomes your picture and audio lock version. By keeping all of four elements you can go back at any time and make minor changes if necessary.

Always make sure to label your files so you don't accidentally confuse which is your original edit master versus the version that has the final mix on it.

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