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Well, I'm only 14 and I want to be a Photographer. What do I do? If I have talent who do I speak to? Can I be successful before College?

Huge question, Joseph, but let me give you a couple of tips.

Get all the education you can.  You may have no idea how you might use it in the future.  I studied Zoology in College but it came in handy many times during my career.  At one point I was responsible for duplicating slides from the Cousteau Society and because I knew most of the animals in the slides, it made communication much easier.  I took computer classes which now comes in handy since I use PhotoShop extensively.  

Photography is an art, take art classes.  To be a good photographer, you need to develop a good eye.  You can't make a stunning photograph is you don't know principles of graphic design.  Study great photographs and try to figure what makes them great.

Do not get carried away with fancy equipment.  It's not the camera that makes good photographs, it's the photographer.  When I was 12, I made a photograph with a simple camera and won a small photo contest.  I saw a camera like it on eBay for $3

"Only 14" is not a disadvantage, it means that you have some time to explore all sorts of different avenues.  In Junior High School, I worked on the school newspaper as a photographer.  In High School I worked on the school newspaper and the yearbook as a photographer.  I also worked for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner as a photographer for the high school sports section.  I had an after school job at a photo lab that shot student portraits.  Keep your eyes open, there will be lots of ways to practice your craft.

There are so many kinds of photography that it's impossible to tell you who to talk to.  You need to decide what your own photographic interests are and find people in that area.  Do you want to be a portrait photographer, a nature photographer, a sports photographer, a scientific photographer, a news photographer, a catalog photographer, a travel photographer, or something else?

Good luck in your quest,

Chris Bushman
Colfax California

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