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Hi my name is Kayla im in 8th grade and i go to Laville jr/sr highschool and for my genius hour project i am doing like a little video on film making evolution and since you have been in the film making business for about 30 years i was wondering if you had any intell for me.

The complete answer would fill a book, Kayla.

Just think, when you are my age, you can tell your kids that you were around when movies were actually on film and got projected on big film projectors.  Each movie was about 10000 feet of film and went to the theaters on big 2000 foot reels.

There were a lot of film theaters in the US - about 30000 screens if I remember correctly.  The films were moved around from theater to theater but sometimes we made 10,000 prints of a single feature if it was popular enough.  When I worked at Technicolor in Hollywood, sometimes we printed and developed and shipped 80 million feet of film in a single week.

Since digital took over, all the big labs in Hollywood have shut down.  The two biggest, Deluxe and Technicolor are completely gone.  Deluxe is a vacant lot.

I'm glad I've been retired for a while since the things I did in my career no longer exist.  I'm a World Renowned Expert in Nothing !!!  ...but it was fun while it lasted.

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