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Thanks for your advice in advance before any lines dropped here.

I am from Hong Kong and has singapore PR status. Just married my wife who is malaysian chinese and work in singapore like me.

we planned to move to malaysia in future but I don't know the way to get a PR in Malaysia. Do you have any advice? We may consider to do some small business like trading once my PR status settled. Or do you have another way which allow me to settle in Malaysia and work there legally? We are both holding postgraduate level degree professionals and in managerial position.

Heard that Malaysia current govt is ridiculously bureaucratic and has many unclear policies in accessing the immigration rules. I just hope that the coming election will get away these tedious procedures and simplify the application criteria.


Please do not quote me as 100% accurate. As always the Immigration dept. is best.
How ever if your wife is Malaysian and you move back to Malaysia you can get a spouse visa. This allows you I believe to work and lasts as long as the remaining period of your pasport.
The PR is not easy and I have been told takes up to five years or so to get throuigh.
Not much help I'm afraid but good luck.


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