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I'm traveling to Penang w/ my family (wife & 7 yr old, 4 yr old) in July 2013 for 10 days.  I'm trying to figure out the most interesting things to see and do there (the highlights).  I typically don't like overly touristy places, but am seeking more authentic and cultural activities.  We're also really into great food, as we live in the SF Bay Area, so any "must try" dishes and/or restaurants?

We've heard the beaches aren't so great, but would like to find the best one (= cleanest, most scenic).  

We may have the chance to leave the kids w/ someone for a day's adventure (just wife and me), so maybe we can do something a bit more adventurous.  I'm wondering whether it's feasible for me (alone) to possibly get a good jungle trek in somewhere (would love to fly to Borneo, but not sure if that will work).

red dragon
red dragon  

Ice Kachang
Ice Kachang  
HI ken,
A little bit difficult for you to do all.
But first Penang.
A wonderful, hot and humid place,filled with great food on the street in the cafes. Do not look for the fancy ones, find the little old Chinese ones.Try dim sum. and also the RED GARDEN is a beer garden food hall in Georgetown that has good food and is quite respectable.
Gurney of a night time also good and plenty of food vendors.
However a couple of hours away in the ferry is the Island of Langkawi, great beaches and a few things to do.Underwater world the skwwalk etc

The beaches out at Ferenghi you are right. But worth a trip to see where the tsunami hit.
Penang is full of culture, you might also look att KFC in a beautiful old building and they were only using downstairs because of maybe Ghosts upstairs???

As for Borneo you are really on the wrong side of the country. It is off the east coast and as fat as I know would take you a days flying to get there.
The snake temple is worth a visit.

Long time since I have visited Langkawi, but was in Penang 2 months ago and will be again 2 weeks.I usually stay at Bayview Georgetown.. Pretty reasonable and not bad.
If you have not check out Agoda...
I use them most of the time and they do respond to you.
As for jungle treks, I would think if you get a helpful agent they should be ablle toarrange it around the Cameron Highlands area. Not too far away.

Are you flying into Penang????from KL??
If you did take everyone over to Langkawi you can fly back to KL from there.
You do not miss much by not driving to Penang, just an 8 lane highway full of cars.
Also a trip ver to Butterworth on the old car ferry is worth the trip for history. Ver Old and very expensive, about 50 cents US
Butterworth is where the Aussies had an air base during WW2.
Hop I have confused you plenty??
Want more let me know.
Also have contacts in Penang if you need any help.


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