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I am a fellow AllExperts volunteer and for some reason get a lot of questions from Johor, Malaysia. Is it better to address them by the name they put on the form (Chong, for example)? With Mr. or Ms.? Or, if they give you a first name or English name in the question itself, do they want you to use that? I've been using the name on the form with no title and no one has seemed offended, but maybe they cut Westerners some slack:-) Can you help? Thanks!

ANSWER: Hi Marie,
If they say Chong(Chinese) just dear Chong. A chinese man who is not known to you may not give his christian name or just may not use it.
I have many chinese friends and they just use eg.Chong. If you are a good friend then I would use Ah Chong.

But if they use Chong Poh Leng. Then the christian name is Leng andd u could use it.

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Thanks very much! Yes, a bit confused . . . what is eg.?

So if Chong appears in the name field and they say my name is Chong Poh Leng, either Dear Chong or Dear Leng would be appropriate?

Again, I appreciate your help.


You Yanks are hopeless..(Hahaha) eg, is for example.

Yes you have nailed.It is really quite prevalent to just use the surname.

And children take the fathers name ansd the wife normally just keeps her own family name.

Ps. Why you get questions on JB?


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