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So you think it will be fine to go to the beach in Langkawi, or should I go to Pulau Tioman in the East coast instead?
Thank you very much
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I'm planing to travel to Malaysia in the first half of October. I'm thinking on leaving from Singapore to KL, then Penang and finally Langkawi. So the question is: As this is one of the rainiest months, what's the typpicall day? All day raining? all day heavy clouded? Sunny with short periods of heavy rain? How many hours per day of rain and of sun is normal to have in October?
Thank you
Answer -
I would never try to predict weather.  I lived in Singapore for 4 years.  Both Singapore and Malaysia have a tropical climate with periods of rain throughout the year.  However, the major rainy seasons are from December-February and June-September.  I don't recall October being particularly rainy.Even during the rainy season in Dec-Jan (the stronger of the monsoons) there are usually periods of sun. During the rainy season it usually rains for a couple of hours each day.  If you are going there for any length of time, you will learn to be happy to see clouds and rain because it makes it slightly cooler.  Selamat Jalan!  Joel

Listen, I can't be of much help.  I haven't been to either place in 8 years.  Back then, the water at Tioman was much clearer and cleaner.  On the other hand, Langkawi wasn't exactly built up, and was a peaceful place for a long week-end.  Malaysia is a small country.  Some people take taxis from city to city.  Many people speak English.  When you get there, ask other travelers which is the better place.  Back then most visitors to Tioman were from Singapore while Langkawi was more of an international destination.  I( don't know what either place is like today and it is better to be honest than give bogus info that is dated.  Why don't you go to the Lonely Planet web site, click Thorntree and ask which is the better destination for October?  I wish I could be more helpful.  Sorry.  Joel


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