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QUESTION: im 16 and i do it alone like 4 or 5 times  day it depends. is it ok to use lotion? what else can i use so it doesnt hurt?


ANSWER: Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, but 4 to 5 times a day is an extreme frequency at age 16.  Most guys your age only do it once and occasionally twice.    Lotion is fine.  Lotion is the most frequent choice of younger males who aren't able or willing to buy a lube made especially for sex, like K-Y Liquid or Astroglide.  You would probably enjoy a water-based lube better than lotion.

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QUESTION: thx i didnt know i did it more than other guys. not like i would talk about that with my freinds lol

ANSWER: It's really OK, but most guys like to spend around 10 minutes per masturbation session.  Even if they wanted to, most guys don't have time for four or five such sessions a day at 16.  Most guys are more into spending time with people and sometimes having sex with partners at that age.  You might enjoy your sessions more if you had fewer of them.  

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QUESTION: ok thanks. i dont have sex maybe that is why i do it so much idk

glad to know maybe i am doing it too much

"Too much" is a harsh appraisal.  I said your frequency is higher than average.  Higher than average is not necessarily bad; it is just a fact that most males your age masturbate less often.  You might also watch every baseball game, which would be higher than average, but I doubt I would say is "too much."

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