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QUESTION: 38 years old. I'm circumcised.  my coronal ridge the is most sensitive, and during masturbation i have to grip my shaft pretty tight, and pull rather forcefully, to be able to roll enough foreskin over my ridge.
i use the normal grip (ok sign with thumb on top and fingers below but i push forward with my thumb so my foreskin really gets right into the ridge with each stroke.
I have noticed over the years the my coronal ridge is starting to curve forward slightly little by little, and it looks like little stretch marks where the ridge meets the shaft.  another way i like to masturbate is by curling my hand and rubbing the bottom of my thumb directly over my ridge with no foreskin inbetween.  i don't use lube its a dry rough rub right directly to the ridge.
My question is, being circumcised cut off allot of my feeling, am i wrecking any of my nerve endings i have left on my ridge?
Also i probably masturbate more than the average guy, 2-3 times per day, i actually like how my ridge looks and often rub just the ridge itself real ruff to slowly add more flare to it.  I want to make sure I'm not doing anything bad when i do that.

ANSWER: Most circumcised males just brush lightly against the coronal ridge, or they use lube.  It can let you masturbate by touching different parts than you usually do or use more force on the sensitive ones.  Try a water-based lube like K-Y Liquid or Astroglide, available at all drug and discount stores.

I've never heard of a male complaining about stretch marks on his glans.  I doubt you're the first.

2-3 times a day is very high, especially for your age.  If you're worried about your penis going downhill, then I would seriously suggest lube as the way to go.

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QUESTION: I have used lube, its great with the fleshlight, but i don't want to deal with that stickymess afterwards so most of the time i just use my hand with no lube.
I'm just saying i can see I'm physically altering my coronal ridge a little, its curving forward, I'm very happy with it nothing is wrong.
I was explaining the ways I'm pretty rough on it, can you be to rough? just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

why do Most circumcised males just brush lightly against the coronal ridge?
thats where the sensation is.

If you experimented with different kinds of lubes, you would find one that isn't as sticky afterward.  Typically, liquid lubes are less sticky than jelly lubes.  And there are silicon-based lubes which are different altogether.

If you're too rough with your penis, it will start to hurt.  There are places you won't want to touch when they hurt and you will stay off them.

Circumcised males tend to brush against the coronal ridge rather than touch it persistently because it gets too sensitive without any foreskin to protect it.  That's why lube is often used as a buffer.

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