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i am masturbating these days too much around 3-4 times a day using the visual aids(porn)
my age is 25 and i am a former prone masturbator and left that habit around 6-7 months ago. i havt sexually active yet it just the masturbation and 2-3 failed encounters when i was prone masturbator
as you replied in earlier mails that to get back to normal i have to masturbate in traditional way
now i am getting erection but i want to know "is excessive masturbation with porn is normal or should i stop this"
because i read on internet that a porn addict used to fantasise those hotties which he dont get in real and then he wont be able to get it hard
want to know the normal frequency of masturbation of a my age guy

ANSWER: Most males your age masturbate about once a day.  I have to agree with you that 3-4 times a day is excessive.  Try doing it less often and you'll probably enjoy it more.  When you try to be sexually active, it might even be necessary to give up masturbating for 3-4 days before a sexual encounter.  As you get better at intercourse, you can reduce that interval.

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QUESTION: i have a one more question
i used to masturbate a long session(30-40 minutes) in that period i see a variation in it normal?

It is pretty tough to keep an erection for 30-40 minutes.  Which is one more reason why most males tend to masturbate to orgasm in about 10 minutes or so, sometimes much less.  It is fairly easy to keep an erection for 15 minutes or less.  You might try shorter sessions and see if you have better erections.

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