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QUESTION: Hi! I've currently gone for 3 weeks not masturbating and I was just wondering how much masturbating i'll get because I intended to start it again, will I have a lot of cum or not much at all?

Also, what will happen to my health if I eat my own cum? Will it make me sick, will I enjoy it?

ANSWER: Three weeks is a long time to go without ejaculating, especially if you're used to it daily or nearly so.  I frequently tell males that they should ejaculate once every two weeks as an absolute minimum to prevent prostatitis.  A team of doctors led by Dr. Graham Giles found that males who ejaculate most often when they were younger have the least incidence of prostate cancer later.  Dr. Giles recommends that younger males ejaculate at least six times per week.

When you next masturbate, you will probably have more semen than usual, but it won't be substantially more after three weeks than it would have been if you had resumed masturbation after three days.  You can expect that it will be yellower than it would be from daily masturbation because your semen gets old inside your body.

Eating semen is not a health hazard.  About half of males have done so, and about 11 percent of males do so regularly as a way of cleaning up after masturbating.

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QUESTION: One of my friends said his semen used to be yellow and thick when he first started masturbating, but over time it got milky white in color. He wanted to know if there was something wrong with his body and how to get the yellowness and thickness back again.

Also, what is the difference between white semen and yellow semen? Because my friend said that when he ate his own semen for the first time it was just thick, warm and heaven on earth for him.

It's nice you have friends that you can talk to in such great detail about masturbating and eating semen.

The color and consistency of semen are very influenced by how long it has been in the body.  When you first started masturbating, you might not have had an ejaculation in a while, and the semen was thick and yellow.  Soon you probably made masturbating a daily habit and the semen came out white.  This does not mean there was anything wrong with you; the semen had been in your body for only a day and so it was still white.  In fact, white semen is healthier than yellow semen.  Semen gets yellow because it is old.

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