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sir , i ve been masturbating simce long time. Im 20 yrs old nw. Last year i got selected for medical colllege for doing bachelors degree in medicine. As there was lots of stress n tension , i masturbated very much. Due to it papules appeared around head of glans and surface adjacent to it also bcm rough small skin projection are seen when i see veey keenly . I ll leave masturbation now . Sir but is there any treatment to my problem n ll it bcm bttr overtime without masturbation?

Most males your age masturbate about once a day.  It is no problem if you do it that often or even a little more.  Masturbation does not cause papules to appear around your glans.  There is a condition, a natural one, called pearly penile papules.  They are harmless.  

You might enjoy masturbating more if you used a water-based lube.  It lets you stroke longer and harder without damaging your sensitive penile skin.

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