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Hi, I'm 19 years old straight male who does not mind pleasuring his body anyway that is pleasurable, and I am an excessive masturbator. I love jacking off, I love it so much. I would like to know if you knew of any techniques out there that i could use to have more mind blowing orgasms. Also, I have recently heard that men have a G-Spot and that it is located inside the asshole. I would like to know how can I stimulate that with just my finger. Another question that I have is is it ok to eat my sperm after I cum. I don't do this often, seeing as how I masturbate everyday, but when I do I wonder if I am putting myself at some kind of risk. Another question is that, yesterday morning, I had woken up with the usually rock hard morning wood. So instead of beating off in my bed, I decided to do it in the shower since I had to go to school. I my dick was hard all the way to the bathroom, hard when i turned on the water, and even when I got in the shower and as I started to jack myself off, it took the longest for me to cum. When I jack off in my bed or on the couch or floor, it takes me maybe thirty minutes to cum, depending on how I'm pleasuring myself, but this time I just wanted to bust a quick nut. I tried everything to make myself cum fast. I played with my balls, my nipple even massage my asshole but I couldn't cum. I decided to just forget and cleaning myself and go out the shower. All the while my dick was still hard, so when I made it to my room, I laid back on my bed and started jacking off (no lube, nothing) just my hand and I achieved an orgasm. Why did I achieve an orgasm once I got out of the shower, this has happened before but not a long. Is it something about the warm water?

The male G spot is on the penis, just a little below the coronal ridge, on the underside.  There is no need to insert anything inside your body.  

Some males find it a great turnon to experiment with different kinds of lube.  Some males heat up lube by dipping the bottle in hot water or using a lotion warmer.  Be sure the lube does not burn your hand, or it will burn your penis worse.

Most males also find that masturbating in a kneeling position (sitting on the legs) makes for a tremendous orgasm.

Most males have eaten their semen at least once, and about 10-11 percent use that method most of the time to clean up after masturbating.

It took longer for you in the shower because it's not what you're used to.

Most males your age can masturbate to orgasm in about 10 minutes.  Sometimes much less.  

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