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I asked a q in female but now I realize I should have put it here.  Do you think my brother masturbates?  He is 16 and rather tall and his voice has gotten really deep.  I know a lot of boys his age masturbate but I'm not sure about him and I don't want to ask him.  Is there a way I could tell?

Most males start masturbating at age 12 or 13.  By their 16th birthdays, 96 percent of males are masturbating to orgasm regularly.  Based on your description, I would say your brother is one of them, because he seems to be finished with puberty, and males with deeper than average voices start masturbating (and having sex) earlier than average and masturbate more than average.  

Asking your brother if he masturbates would not only be rude but would also constitute questioning his masculinity, since all men are masturbating by age 18.  You wouldn't want your brother asking you such questions, so why don't you respect his privacy?

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