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Mr. Adams, please see my comments on rating you on my last question to you. In that, I answered your question of "What's the point of edging?". So, after reading my comments, I'd like to re-ask the same question back to a different way: What are your comments now about edging after reading my comments?

It's Dr. Adams, and I still don't see the point of edging.  If one masturbates just short of orgasm, then what is the point?  All you have done if put the body into a state of ejaculatory readiness and then aborted it.  Stopping short of ejaculation is harder on the sexual organs than ejaculating is.  Ejaculating instantly resets the prostate and other sexual organs to their pre-readiness state (equilibrium).  But if you just pull the plug before ejaculation, then the organs have to decompress on their own.

Ejaculation is good for the penis, prostate gland, testes, scrotum, seminal vesicles, Cowper's gland and other parts.  Ejaculation instantly causes the penis to be drained of the erectile blood sent there during arousal.  It is good and healthy for the penis to erect frequently and then go detumescent through ejaculation.  But if you stop short, the blood drains more slowly and less completely.  The same is true for the functions of the other sexual parts.

I don't see what good comes from edging.  It doesn't allow sexual pleasure, except for the excitement stage of masturbation, to be prolonged.  And that stage can last just as long with ejaculation as without.

I am even more concerned that edging teaches the body not to respond property to sexual stimulation.  And there's no good that can come from that.

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