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Hi, I'm a 16 year old male and I enjoy masturbation but I find it really hard to get erect without some kind of picture of self stimulation, it also doesn't feel as good I only last for about 5mins and after my hand is cramped and the orgasim only lasts for about 3seconds, is there anyway i can make it more enjoyable i heard things about prostate stimulation but i tried it and i cant reach the prostate gland and it just feels gross afterwards i dont have acess to pictures or porn because i still live at home and afraid someone might catch me wacking it to lesbians or what ever please help me get more pleasure and make orgasim last longer, thanks (Also aside from that I have a hard time getting hard in school how can i stop this)

What you describe is typical.  The median time for masturbating to orgasm at your age is about 5 minutes.  Most males your age are getting into the visual aid habit very heavily.  And orgasms don't last much longer than three seconds even under ideal circumstances.  You can probably make the masturbation session last longer if you only use the visual to get an erection and then work off your imagination.  

I advise against prostate stimulation.  You would probably have more fun experimenting with different types and brands of lube.  

You can't prevent erections but if you don't want one at 10:00 a.m., you can bring one on at 9:40 and it will be gone by 10:00 and you won't get another one for at least an hour.

I like when people ask me questions.  Please ask more!

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