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R/sir,i am 20 years old n i underwent circumcision when i was a kid. i've been trying to find whats wrong wid me. The problem is i often have night falls but whenever i masturbate i never cum. why does this happen?pls reply soon.

Most males your age are no longer having wet dreams (nightfall).  Most males are masturbating daily soon after they start and it puts an end to their wet dreams forever.  It varies based on where you live, but most males in America your age and older are circumcised.  Most males in Europe your age are not.  The experience of masturbation for circumcised and uncircumcised males is very similar.  You should not believe it is disaffecting your masturbation.  

Most circumcised males avoid touching the head of the penis when they masturbate.  When it starts feeling really good, stroke as hard and fast as you can until you ejaculate.  Once you've learned how, you can work at going slower and using less force.

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