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i have been masturbating since 12 years and i masturbate twice daily and many times even more than that.
I never used hands to masturbate but I lay in bed on my front body. The way I do it is that I lay in bed with my front body down, head on pillow and hands below the pillow. keep my penis in upward straight position touching my lower abdomen so i keep my body weight on my lower abdomen touching the bed with my penis then moving my body up and down till I ejaculates.
I have never tried any other method because i don't feel like doing it any other way.

The problem is that because of this method I end up over doing it. Every time i am alone in my bed it excites me to do it and i have no control over it. Also I am a student and i study only in bed (i dont like to sit on study table). so it waste lot of my time and reduce my concentration.

The other thing is that if somebody do it with there hand then they give good excercise to there penis by moving there skin up and down but with my method skin bearly moves as I press my penis againt bed by my body weight while moving my body up and down. so as my skin doesn't move much all my penis stiches are intact even though I masturbate alot.
And also by this method I am able to ejaculate without having much erection. Also it tkes me 40 mins to ejaculate beacuse I don't get excited easily now and it wastes lot of my time.

Please help me in controling myself from excessive masturbation. Also I have developed deformed chest which is bent in one side which i believe is due to this masturbation technique

You don't say how old you are, only that you have been masturbating since you were 12.

The masturbation method you use is called prone masturbation.  That means you're lying face down and masturbating by thrusting your penis into or against something, in this case your bed.  Prone masturbation is a cause of sexual dysfunctions in males.   The cure for prone masturbation is to give it up and learn to masturbate lying on your back, with one hand, the way nearly all males do.

I doubt that your frequency is because of your method.  Many younger males who masturbate conventionally also masturbate daily.  Twice a day is a high frequency if you are over 16.  Most younger males masturbate about once a day.

I don't think your problem is your frequency as much as the position.  I urge you to read and learn how to overcome prone masturbation.  All you have to do is take about a week off from masturbating, and then you will be able to masturbate by hand.

I have never heard of anyone getting a deformed chest from prone masturbation.

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