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I have tried cutting down to once a week and it was a hardship.  After about 3 days, it was all I thought about.  The 7th day was sheer agony.  After I did it, I wanted to do it again right away.  The thought of waiting another 7 days was terrorizing.  Cutting down to once a week isn't going to work for me.

What you're saying is that you need to masturbate at least every three days, maybe more often than that.  You should listen to your body and masturbate often and enjoy it.  You've proved to yourself that it is not natural for you to not masturbate.  You use words like agony, hardship, and terror.  Take your body's advice.  Don't fight your urge to masturbate.  Do it and enjoy it.  And please call it by its name!

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