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I am writing to you out of desperation, as I do not know what to do. I will describe my situation. I am an 18 year old male who started masturbating in the prone position about 2 years ago, discovering it by chance as I failed at the traditional method due to my circumcision. I continued with this for just under a year and then started to realize that every time I begun masturbation my erection was less hard or strong. I have not had a proper erection since then. I have completely stopped with prone masturbation since about a year ago now. However, I did not take much of a break from masturbation in itself and continued for maybe daily (but very on and off, sometimes abstaining for two weeks or so) with the traditional method, but in the end I found this incredibly difficult in the supine position and took to doing it sat down or stood up. I am perfectly able to reach orgasm stroking my penis in the traditional manner, most commonly with lube, however, what worries me is the strength of my erections. It is hard enough trying to will one to happen, and even then, without constant stimulation they fade. The erections, as I have said are not that strong, and are quite loose (easy to move at the base). I did go to a doctor regarding this, but having given my penis a look over he said it was fine. Could I have damaged the penis and it not been picked up by the doctor? Just recently I went for 2-3 weeks without masturbation and today have started to do the traditional method again, making sure it is only done whilst on my back. Please advise me as to what the best course of action is: continue traditional masturbation and see where that takes me, longer abstention or see the doctor again? Please, I am very worried that I will have ED the rest of my life.



ANSWER: Prone masturbation means lying face down and thrusting the penis into or against something, like a mattress.

Please follow the instructions on  Nearly all males who are circumcised have no trouble masturbating in the conventional manner.  You ought to be free of any pain or sensitivity from your circumcision now.  

If you have given up prone masturbation and only masturbate conventionally now, you ought to notice a difference in your erections in 3-4 months.  That is the experience of most men with a history of masturbating prone who give it up.

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QUESTION: So is it OK to masturbate in the traditional method even whilst not with a very hard erection? Also, how often should I be masturbating in the 'corrective' period until I am cured? Would once a day be excessive, I noticed the frequency calculator, but is that relevant to males undergoing recovery?

Yes, masturbating conventionally without a hard erection will not hurt you.  It will take time for your erections to get back to normal.  Once a day is not at all excessive.  That's what most younger males do.  I would suggest joining the online support group at to interact with a group of men who have gone through the same thing.  

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