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one of the guys in the locker room asked if the other one was going to a christmas play after school and he said no i'm gonna go home and masturbate.  then they both laughed.  i was shocked but turned on to hear that.  then they started talking about the raiders.

OK, there's a lesson here for you.  You describe about 20 seconds of conversation between two boys your age.  In 20 seconds, here's what they talked about:

1.  An event after school
2.  Masturbating
3.  The Raiders

Undoubtedly you hear people talking about events after school every day.  This time of year, especially if you live somewhere near Oakland, you hear people talking about the Raiders.  For these two guys, talking and joking about masturbating is as normal as those other ordinary topics of conversation.  

Your problem isn't that you overheard this conversation but that you think it's unusual.  Nearly every guy your age masturbates daily.  It's a fact of life.  The trick is to be comfortable about it.  Those two guys you heard are comfortable about it.  You aren't.  I think you should try to be more like them.

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