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well thanks for answering my earlier questions.  i still can't talk about it but this week i listened to a conversation between two guys about it, i thought it was pretty hot to hear them talking about it but i still couldn't bring myself to chime in about it.  do you think it was wrong for me to listen in on their conversation?

Congratulations on learning that guys talk about masturbation.  That is good.  Now you can work on saying the word.  Or even typing the word.  I think part of the reason you thought it was hot is because it's unthinkable for you to even talk about it.  Where did this happen?  I'm sure the guys weren't talking hot.  They were probably just talking about something they like to do.  I don't think it was wrong for you to listen, unless you used a stethoscope or listening device or hid behind a potted plant.  If they were in public, then they don't care if you were listening.

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