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QUESTION: How much does lube cost?  I searched for some brands online and they seem quite expensive.  Is there a low-cost way to try them?

ANSWER: Typically at a discount store, a bottle of water-based lube costs about $5.  Dollar Tree has a lube called Warm Touch which is of course $1.  It is a jelly and not a liquid.  You can turn it into a liquid by mixing it with water.  I suppose that is a good choice if you just want to try lube before spending real money on it.

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QUESTION: Thanks, there is a Dollar Tree I go to all the time.  How do you mix a lube with water?  What kind of container does it come in?

ANSWER: Liquid lubes come in bottles and jelly lubes come in tubes.  To mix a jelly lube with water, a small bottle works best.  Just squirt some lube into the bottle and add water and shake it.  You will probably have to experiment to find what consistency you like.  Straight from the tube will probably be too goopy.

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QUESTION: What kind of bottle should I use to mix the lube?  Does it matter what kind of water?

A small bottle like the kind hand sanitizer comes in would be fine.  You can also buy empty bottles at a drug store, but why bother when it's cheaper to buy a travel-size bottle of something and empty it out.  I think plain tap water will be fine.  Commercial manufacturers of lube use purified water, but you certainly don't have to.

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