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QUESTION: I am male 17 i am donot control myself i masturbates it had 2 months my weight is 54 and in the stage in 51 kg it loses weight in mast urbates and i ejaculate semen feel very good i saw any mams donot control myself how to sex appeal to mams or girls

ANSWER: Masturbating is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual healthy.  It does not affect your weight.  The best way to manage your weight is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  Masturbation will not interfere with that.  Masturbating does not reduce your sex appeal.  I am sure that all the males your age who appeal to a lot of females masturbate regularly.

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QUESTION: I am 17 male i masturbate at mid night in see porn movies and touches my head of penis in 5 touches pre cum and 10 touches cum is ejaculating it can cause any problem in ejaculate it touches head of penis only i feel good

ANSWER: That is very fast.  Not very many males can masturbate to orgasm in only 10 strokes.  If I were you, I would work at taking longer.  Most males take about 10 minutes to masturbate to orgasm.  It doesn't have to take you that long, but you really aren't spending much time enjoying masturbating if you're doing it so quickly.

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QUESTION: What is organsm how to do it touches only

Orgasm is the climax of sexual activity.  In a male, it is when the male gets a great feeling in his penis that radiates all over his body, culminating in ejaculation of semen from the penis.  Most males masturbate until they have an orgasm.  It usually takes a male 5-10 minutes to masturbate to orgasm.

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