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Hey, in the Toy Story movies, Andy didn't know the toys were really alive, but they could see everything that was going on and talk about it and he kept them in his bedroom.  Doesn't that mean they saw him masturbating quite a lot?  You might think I'm being snarky but I bet every guy who saw Toy Story 3 thought about that because Andy was old enough for college in that movie.

Obviously, if they could see everything that went on, they saw masturbating if it happened, and since Andy was old enough for college, obviously it had been happening frequently for years.  So the toys saw Andy masturbating, but who cares?  They're not going to tell anyone.  And eventually they're going to realize that it's normal, healthy, and fun.  

Anyway, it's just a movie.  Toys and other objects aren't really alive.  I also think you're right that a lot of guys thought about that when they saw the movie.

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