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QUESTION: earlier I had a very bad habit of masturbating twice or thrice a day..I was a regular masturbater..later I noticed that I have started getting weak ..I didn't get a proper penis got loose..whenever I see porn I notice that I dont get a proper erection..I have a girlfriend and I am afraid that she will leave me if comes to know about this..sometimes I used to take a viagra pill as a support to my penis to get a proper erection..I used to do foreplay..then also I didnt got a proper erection..then I used to say her that this much is ok for today..sir I dont think stress is the problem for this..please help me by giving a good advice..or good medicine for this..and I hav heard that medicines for this hav more side effects..sir please if there is any ayurvedic medicine for this then please suggest me

ANSWER: actually ,,best medicine to your case ,,is u ,,just u ,,which mean ,,u should regulate your emissions a bit ,,decrease your masturbation frequency so that everything could get back to normal ,,to overcome the habit of masturbation ;first of all u have to realize that semen must be regarded as a most precious substance. By saving it, a man protects his very life.
so u can practice several useful activities such as hearing online music ,,watching interesting clips in u-tube ,,chatting making new friends but most of all never,never  visit any porn sites  which turns u on then make u feel horny and need to masturbate.

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QUESTION: sir I hav stopped it ..but there is no difference..still I get loose erection..I don't visit any porn sites..i am now tired of my life..I am thinking of my future. if it continues then it can ruin my married there any medicine for this then suggest me..I have heard of himalaya it good for ED ??

yeah ,,u would feel  no difference on the short term ,,of course ,,i know that ,,but u would notice teh difference on the long term ,,anyway ,,u should start to use red korean ginseng and u can find it in different products ,,meanwhile u have to eat further sea foods  specially oysters which is rich in vital elements that would replenish yr sexual system .

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