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QUESTION: Thank you for all your answers.  My friend and I were talking about masturbating today and he said he does it with a condom.  I was really surprised.  I didn't know what to think.  Could that really be true?  Does he really masturbate wearing a condom, and why?

ANSWER: You're lucky you have at least one friend you can talk to about masturbating.  It could certainly be true.  As to why he does it, you would have to ask him, but I can provide some guidance to why some do it.

According to a survey of more than 8000 males by the web site in the first half of 2007, 35 percent of males have used a condom to masturbate. Nine percent use them at least some of the time (26 percent say only "rarely"), but only 1.4 percent of males use them most of the time. I suspect that some of the 65 percent who say they never masturbate with condoms have tried it at least once.

Some of the reasons for using condoms for masturbating that males cite is that it adds a layer of stimulation (i.e., instead of just hand against penis, you have hand against condom AND condom against penis), that it makes it easier to masturbate when the penis is sore or sensitive from some earlier rough activity, and that it just seems sexy to use a condom. However, I think the main reason is that it contains the semen. Some males are self-conscious about going out with ejaculate on them so a condom lessens the chance of getting semen someplace where someone could see or smell it.

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QUESTION: That is a lot of information, than you, but what is that about an additional layer of stimulation?  How does that work and what does it feel like?

When you masturbate, you have the feeling of your hand against your penis.  When you masturbate with a condom, your hand stimulates the condom, and then the condom rubs against the penis.  It is an added level of friction that you can't get without the condom.  Some males like this added level of feeling, which can be enhanced if you put lube inside the condom.

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